Taken the dog out for a romp through the Surrey hills, or splashing through the waves on the Hampshire coast? You’ve had a wonderful time but now your carpets aren’t forgiving of the dirt and post-walk exuberance. It’s time to consider if you have the best carpet for pets. Perhaps you’re desperate to locate the best pet stain remover or how to go about pet odour removal. Read on, we’ve got the answers to choosing and maintaining a pet-proof carpet.

Pet-friendly flooring

Typically, when you think about pet-friendly flooring, your mind will turn to vinyl or laminate/wood. There’s no arguing that these are tough and durable options which are easy to wipe down and clean. As such, they make the best flooring for dogs, especially, in areas such as back halls and utility rooms. Wherever your pooch’s bedroom is, we’d suggest this.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy carpet elsewhere in your home without fear of it being damaged by your much-loved pet. Indeed, laminate and wood flooring can be slippery for pets. You can choose carpet and still benefit from a tough, durable and stain-resistant option. You just need to track down the best carpet for pets.

In addition, did you know that having carpets can actually help manage pet allergies, rather than exacerbate them? Yes, this is contrary to popular opinion, but it is the outcome of more recent studies!

What to look for in a pet-proof carpet

Our beloved four-legged friends bring some unique challenges when it comes to carpet. You have some specific problems, which will vary slightly according to the type and breed of animal:

  • Fur and hair: Many pets shed and the fur can gather.
  • Dirt: Dogs and cats which are outdoor roamers can bring the outdoors in.
  • Urine: Even the most house-trained pets have been known to mark their territory when they feel threatened, or are unwell.

So what does this mean in terms of finding the best carpet for pets? You need to pay particular attention to:

  • Stain-resistance: Mud and urine are the two main stain problems when it comes to carpets and pets. We know that you want to keep your new carpet pristine, and so you need to pay heed to its inherent stain-resistance. The most stain-resistant carpets are those which are made from 100% polypropylene. They feel luxurious but they will withstand muddy paws. This should prevent you from having to reach for the pet carpet cleaner too often! In addition, it is worth looking for carpets which are bleach-cleanable. Avoid wool carpets as these will stain more easily.
  • Durability: Scratching cats and tail-chasing dogs aren’t always best buddies with your carpet. Carpets come in a variety of ‘strengths’. If you share your home with four-legged friends we recommend you choose carpets which are rated ‘extra heavy’ or ‘heavy domestic’. Whilst general domestic may still be suitable in areas such as bedrooms, these more hard-wearing carpets will be best suited to the living areas of your home.
  • Type of pile: There are two main types of pile: cut and loop. Loop carpets involve each thread coming up from the bottom and then looping back in. Cut carpets are straight-up-straight-down. Many pet owners aren’t aware of this, but loop carpets pose a problem for pet owners. Loop carpet makes for a wonderful cat-scratching mat. They can pull up the loop, loosen threads and soon your lovely carpet looks messy. Cut pile won’t pose the same problem and your cat’s claws won’t get stuck. We also find that cut pile (and short-pile) carpets require less pet odour removal over time. This also means that cut pile carpets make the best carpets for dogs too.
  • Colour and pattern: Of course you should choose a pattern and colour that you love. However, it’s wise to pay heed to which work best for forgiving pet accidents, dirt and fur/hair. Generally a solid colour carpet is less forgiving, particularly if it is very pale. A carpet which is darker and has tone changes, or a pattern, can ensure you’re not constantly reaching for the hoover or the pet carpet cleaner.

Having understood these basic ‘rules’ of the best carpet for pets, it’s best to go and see some carpets in person. If you are in Surrey or Hampshire, we recommend a visit to our Aldershot showroom where our carpet-experts will be on hand to help and offer tailored advice.

pet friendly carpets
pet friendly carpets

Pets aren’t the only issue

Whilst being a pet-owner should be high in your mind when choosing your carpet, you need to consider your entire lifestyle. Choosing the right flooring for your home depends on which pets you have (and how many!), whether you have children, the size of your home and more. Find out how to choose the right carpet for your lifestyle in our video.


How to make your carpet pet-proof

Having chosen the best carpet for pets, it’s time to turn your attention to care and maintenance. All pet-friendly flooring requires some attention to keep it as durable and hard-wearing as it was when it was first laid.

Hoovering: As you know, with a furry friend comes additional hoovering. The good news is that the hoovering is worthwhile for keeping your carpet in top notch condition. When carried out frequently, hoovering stops fur and dirt getting deep in to the carpet and its fibres.

Claw-clipping: Keep the claws on your pets nice and short. This will help prevent them using the carpet for scratching. You may find it worthwhile to invest in a scratching post or toy.

Mats and rugs: Even though you’ve chosen a durable and hard-wearing pet-friendly carpet, you may find that specific areas need more protection. This is particularly true with dogs. Even the best flooring for dogs needs to be protected in key areas such as where they come in from a walk, or where their food bowl is pushed around. Mats and rugs can help here.

Be quick: If noticeable dirt gets walked on the carpet, or a toileting accident happens, act quickly. The sooner you use pet carpet cleaner, the less likely it is that you’ll need to reach for pet stain remover or pet odour removal products. We will discuss the best carpet cleaner for pets now.

Which is the best carpet cleaner for pets?

There is a huge number of available cleaning products for carpets, and those specifically aimed towards pet owners. You will likely need to ensure your cleaning cupboard is stocked with the following items to compliment your pet-proof carpet:

  • Pet carpet cleaner: A pet carpet cleaner is designed for that instant clean-up job. It is usually a spray and is useful for spot cleans when muddy paws are tracked across the floor.
  • Pet stain remover: Pet stain remover is for lingering marks and stains caused by urine specifically, but can also often be used for stubborn mud stains. Again, this is usually a spray and will involve you leaving it on the carpet for a while. During this time you will need to keep your pet away. This is where it is beneficial to have chosen a carpet which is bleach cleanable.
  • Pet odour removal: Many pet carpet cleaners, and indeed stain removers, will include a de-odourising element. However, for particularly hard-to-shift smells you can choose a specific pet odour removal spray or powder.

There are numerous brand names and generic products. However, the best carpet cleaner for pets is actually you combined with the product. Act quickly when dirt appears, carry out cleaning regularly, and follow the instructions on the product carefully. This will help ensure your carpet stays in tip-top condition. Follow the link to find some cleaning equipment.

Choose the best carpet for pets pet-proof carpet

If you’re ready to choose your new pet-friendly flooring then get in touch with us at World Wide Carpets. We have an extensive range of pet friendly carpets for customers in the Hampshire and Surrey areas. You can browse the carpets for yourself at our Aldershot showroom.

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