Often flooring is overlooked and certainly undervalued in the look & feel, and ambiance of a room.

Based around your life circumstances budget, and the amount of footfall your floor will see, will dictate the right flooring for you. You maybe renovating or choosing flooring for your current home so here are some handy tips that will help you choose the right flooring


How you and your family live and use your home is the most important thing in choosing flooring. If your home is a very busy one , you have Dogs or Cats, Children, – Deep pile expensive carpet will not be ideal. Heavy traffic areas you should consider resilient flooring, such as luxury vinyl, or wood flooring. If your home has less footfall, and you enjoy having softness underfoot, carpet may be ideal for your home.


Flooring that is at the entrance or in the hallway of your home should have a “wow” factor but be durable to outdoor elements. If rain and mud are a factor in the entrance of your home, consider using tough flooring, such as Luxury Vinyl’s, or wood. Mats outside of the home should be used to catch most of natures unwanted elements this will help keep your floors cleaner too! Flooring in bedrooms, and especially Children’s bedrooms should be comfortable for their bare feet. Flooring in utility rooms, Kitchens, bathrooms should be waterproof. Hardwood and laminate wood flooring in not recommended in areas of high moisture, as warping and damage can occur.


Flooring is priced per square metre and can quickly add up All flooring materials have ‘grades’ of quality. Synthetic, manmade carpet is cheaper than wool carpet that contains big and small tufts of pile. The plusher or more durable the carpet – of cause the more expensive it is. When choosing carpet, don’t forget about the underlay This will make the carpet feel much more luxurious underfoot and it will last longer. Ceramic, slate, and marble tile is very expensive more expensive than carpet. Wood and laminate flooring is now more affordable due to 1000’s of new products entering the flooring market.


Most carpet shops these days use contractors to fit your flooring and they are often in and out as quickly as possible. Don’t always use the cheapest quote, look at what you are paying for. It needs to be fitted correctly but also with time, skill and care.

Your flooring will last longer if it is cleaned on a regular basis with the correct cleaning materials.

“A No shoe policy” in your home will also add years to your flooring

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