Unfortunately not every house has the size of a castle and there might be rooms in your house that feel and appear rather small. Luckily, with the right choice of flooring you can change this perception and turn your home into your own little castle.

Work with light colours

First of all, the main rule to create space in a small room is to work with light colours. Dark colours absorb the natural light and make a room look very dark and decrease its size. Light colours, like beige or light brown, on the other hand, reflect the light and can brighten the room and therefore make it appear bigger.

Lay your flooring strategically

Some people might think that it’s important to have your flooring put down in a straight and symmetrical order. But this is not the case for all rooms. If you want to change the flooring in a small room, consider having it laid at a right angle starting on the longest side of the room. This will visually stretch the room and make it appear more spacious.

Stick to similar colours

To keep a harmonious atmosphere in a small room, always try and stick to the shades of the same colour, especially if there are different types of flooring in the room. Having more than three different colours in your room will make it look like it has been cobbled together which makes it shrink visually. So opt for carpets or vinyl that harmonise with each other and with the rest of the interior.

Discuss with our experts what your preferences are and we talk you through your best options.

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