How to measure a room for carpets

It’s important to know how to measure a carpet, to give you an estimate during this difficult time we will need you to assist in measuring your home for carpet in order to get a realistic idea of how much is required.

Items that will help

  • Tape measure or a laser distance measurer
  • Calculator or calculator app
  • Paper and writing instrument, or note-taking app
  • Graph paper and a pencil, if you choose to draw your layout

Instructions – How to measure your carpet correctly

Doing this with two people is easier if using a tape measure.

Measure Room Width and Length

  1. Lay your tape measure against the wall at one end of your room, and then extend it to the opposite wall. Or, use a laser distance measurer to find the measurement between the two walls. Note this number as the length.
  2. Do the same for the other two walls in the opposite direction. Note this number as the width.

If your room is L-shaped, measure it as two separate rooms. Measure the long portion of the L as one room and the short portion of the L as another room.

Cupboards ( if requiring carpet ) should be measured as their own separate rooms.

Measure to the Middle of Doorways

Unless your room is entered by a step, all rooms have a doorway leading into them. Some rooms have additional doorways to cupboards and bathrooms. You should be sure to measure into the middle of the doorway. This will add a little bit  to your overall measurement. If you have a doorway at either end of the room, you may need to add up to 15 cam / 6 inches to the total room dimension.

  1. For each wall that has a doorway (including cupboard doors), measure to the middle of the door frame. Use the highest number of CM/inches found for anyone wall and use only one number per wall.
  2. For each wall, add the number of doorway-allowance CM/inches to width or length, as appropriate.

Measure Carpet for Stairs

When measuring an area that leads to stairs going down (such as a hallway or landing), be sure to measure around the ledge at the top of the stairs. Hold your tape measure against the opposite wall (or halfway into a doorway), and wrap it all the way around the ledge until it touches the back (riser) of the stair below. Your carpet will need to be this measurement in order to wrap around the ledge.

Measuring for the stairs themselves involves special considerations such as the shape, size, and configuration of the stairs, as well as the direction of the pile and pattern motifs (if applicable)

We can Calculate Square Footage from your measurements

Add a Little Extra

Once you have taken your measurements, you should always add a little extra to your requirements. This allows for walls that are not perfectly straight and gives you a bit of a safety net. When measuring, add about 75mm / 3 inches to each piece of carpet you will need.

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