A 100% wool or 80% wool and 20% man made fibre will provide excellent performance for many years. They are resilient and durable. Wool has a natural memory which helps avoid flattening of the pile, shading and tracking. All these attributes mean your carpet will look and feel good for many years.

Wool Carpets Aldershot

Being a natural fibre it is resistant to soiling due to its make up. Vacuuming will not only keep it looking good it will also helps its natural memory to keep the pile upright. Any spillage on wool will pearl on the surface at first and if the spillage is blotted with a cloth immediately you will be amazed at how resilient wool carpets are.

Wool carpets are luxurious to touch and are a natural insulator, have you ever seen a cold sheep?

They also are excellent for the softening of acoustics within your home, dampening echo and footfall. And compatible with all kinds of underfloor heating.

Wool is fire resistant as it has an extremely slow ignition rate.

Wool is helpful should you suffer from allergies, the pile holds dust until hoovered. There are no emissions nor is it a haven for dust mites. It is a sustainable natural product which is biodegradable.

All in all a wool carpet is a hard wearing luxurious product proving to be an excellent choice which will serve well in all areas for many many years.

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