If you are an admirer of natural hard surfaces, you’ll love our selection of wood and laminate floors. Solid wood floors offer you traditional beauty and long-lasting good looks.

There are a number of finish options available on laminate flooring; the traditional glossed wood style comes in both dark and light wood shades, including walnut, beech, hickory, oak and pine effect. If you are looking for something unique, how about considering coloured tile laminate options such as grey, black, white, slate or stone effect instead. There is a colour and finish for every style of room.

Why choose laminate over ‘real’ wood?

Laminate has the advantage of looking like wood but at considerably lower cost. We stock many brands including Eggers, Parador and Quickstep, all of which look fantastic and can be installed with minimal disruption.

One of the major bonuses with laminate flooring over traditional carpet or carpet tiles is the ease of clean. Most spills are cleaned in seconds with a damp cloth, or with a steam cleaner for those times you are looking for a deep clean. Laminate floor is hygienic and dust free…so perfect for allergy sufferers.

A regular polish or buff will keep the floor shining like new for a long time. The low maintenance aspect of laminate flooring makes it the perfect flooring solution for busy modern homes.

We offer laminate flooring in range of thicknesses; 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Each of these thickness options has their own benefits. The 7mm option is perfect for those looking for a low-cost flooring solution, on the other hand, 12mm laminate flooring has a more solid ‘real wood’ feel thanks to the extra thickness and, thanks to its extra thickness, it is less likely to mark if heavy objects are placed or dropped upon it.

For those who seek a little more luxury than 7mm flooring, but do not wish to spend as much as 12mm costs, the 8 and 10mm alternatives are a great middle ground. Whichever thickness you go for, all work great with underfloor heating.

For a full list of our quality laminate flooring options, please contact us.

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