For nearly 50 years, since we opened our doors and began serving the community in Aldershot, North Hampshire, the world has come a long way. Computers were the size of football pitches and the internet was still one man’s dream.

Today, every part of our life is digital. If you haven’t got Spotify or Ringo you’re considered old school and cheques are from another era.

At Worldwide Carpets we have kept the old fashioned approach to personal service while introducing new technologies over the years. Now with the life-changing times, we find ourselves in with Coronavirus we are taking a different approach to delivering great flooring for your home and business.

From today we will be restricting the opening hours of our large warehouse on North Lane and bring the Showroom to you. Understandably many of you will be reluctant to come out to a busy flooring showroom, so hopefully, this suits you better. We will be staying open with limited customers allowed in at a time and closed all day Sundays.

To make the whole process as efficient and stress-free for you as possible, initially, we’ll chat on the phone to find out the type of flooring you need and any ideas you have on colours and finishes. We’ll then bring you a selection of samples that closely fit your needs.

Once you are happy you’ve found the perfect floor covering, we’ll measure up and arrange a date and time to fit your new floor covering.

All of our estimators when they come to your home will wear gloves and face masks to allay any concerns you may have while Coronavirus is a big worry for us all.

Book an appointment today to have the mobile showroom experience, carpet, vinyl and laminate shopping on your terms.

Give the team a call, sit back and let the magic happen. Let us help you do those flooring upgrades you’ve been dreaming of, choose from our extensive range of carpets that cater to all budgets right up to the top of the line luxury you’ve always wanted of.

Call us today and before you know it you’ll be enjoying a new flooring experience.

Kind regards

Tim Reed

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