Not so long ago we’d recoil at anything bar minimalist neutrality. For wallpapers, we’re now embracing bold patterns. We’re not quite there with carpets. However, we are seeing a gentle and gradual shift away from only selling neutral carpets, we have started selling more and more coloured carpets. Now, we see excitement as homeowners start to get creative with their style once more. Colours, such as blue grey carpets, are definitely on their way in.

The fear of patterns

The 1960s and 70s still have a lot to answer for in terms of patterned carpets. Short of looking like you’re in a hotel lobby, or stepping back to your grandparent’s front room, you’ll still want to avoid too much pattern in your carpet.

The trick to using coloured carpets well is using the same principles we’ve become familiar with in neutral carpets. Look at most neutral carpets and you’ll discover that few have a single colour pattern. They work because they either vary texture or colour (within the same small colour window).

If you’re considering choosing a coloured carpet, use the same principle. Look for a carpet which varies the texture or the hues. For example, our Harmony range in our blue carpets uses a subtle mix of shades to add depth.

However, don’t be afraid of patterns altogether. One pattern which works and is proving popular is stripes. For example, the City Twist Supreme from our red carpets range, uses stripe to effect the same concept.

How to use colour in carpets

If you think you are ready to step away from the neutral palette and indulge in colour, well done. But how do you ensure your look works?

The reality is that you do need to be braver to plunge for colour. Neutrality forgives a lack of design knowledge. You can ‘get away’ with it. You’ll need to put in a little more thought with coloured carpet.

Start by thinking about the mood that you want to evoke in a room. Gentled hued blue carpets, blue grey carpets and green carpets are all ideal for quiet and calm rooms such as studies and bedrooms. Green carpets can also work well in a living space. Bright blue carpets, luscious limes, and striking red carpets can all work well in family rooms, playrooms and children’s bedrooms.

Consider the light that is at play in the room. If you’ve got a starkly lit room, which you want to nudge towards a more intimate feel, strong colours, such as brown carpets, can work incredibly well. Warm and rich colours can help your agenda. Conversely, if a room is naturally dark and you want to give it a lighter feel, then colour is still an option but select a much lighter hue.

If your room already has furnishings then you will need to consider these. Plain coloured carpets can work well with intensely patterned fabrics elsewhere, but care needs to be taken. Your aim is to balance the look, rather than have a clashing of personalities.

Another design feature to consider if you would like to introduce coloured carpets is to flip previous design ‘rules’ on their head. We used to opt for neutral carpets to blend in, allowing walls to stand out. Turn this over and make the statement with the floor through the carpet, but allow the walls to simply complement this through neutrality. What’s the best way to clean your coloured carpet? Read here.

Any other benefits of coloured carpets?

Fed up of picking up every speck of dirt that children or pets bring in? Dark carpets are a solution, as long as you choose a mixed shade. Darker colours such as blue grey carpets, are ideal for heavy traffic areas such as staircases and halls. They will make an impact, be hard-wearing and hide the dirt.

What do our customers think?

We’re seeing renewed popularity with coloured carpets. Neutral and natural shades will always be popular. They are the easy choice! However, we no longer need to shy away from colour.

Choosing between a green carpet and red carpet, or perhaps opting for blue, can be a daunting prospect. We highly recommend you see the carpet in person. We also recommend requesting a swatch to place in the room you are considering laying the new carpet. You can then see how the colour truly works in the space.

Visit our Aldershot showroom today and let colour back in.

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