On average a home in the UK loses around 10% of its heat through the floor, so in these ever-worrying times installing the right new underlay can help your home retain its heat and save you money.

With energy bill increases of over 100% forecast will impact all of us this winter, finding improvements to lower heating costs has become a priority for many households. Thankfully, there are several improvements homeowners can consider, with one solution being to review the flooring in their home. 

Underfloor heating is among the most energy-efficient ways of retaining heat, but other simpler, quicker  changes could improve the way your house retains heat, starting with your choice of underlay.


“Underlay can be used beneath carpets, laminate, and wood flooring, which not only helps to reduce heat loss but to also extend the lifespan of your carpet or laminate flooring by up to 50%”, according to Tim Reed. Managing Director of Worldwide Carpets in Aldershot.

Tim goes on to say – “Its hidden nature means underlay is often overlooked, but the right choice could bring many benefits, especially when it comes to making your home more energy  efficient,” 

How Can Underlay Save You Money?

Underlay is made up of millions of tiny fibres that act as natural insulators, making it an effective barrier to heat loss, stopping cold air coming in and preventing warm air from escaping. This can be particularly valuable for homes with draughty areas like floorboards, or in period homes where draughts and heat loss are prevalent. 

“The right underlay can also improve the air quality of your home, filtering out harmful dust particles and providing anti-allergenic properties to help purify the air in your home,” adds Tim.

 “There are many types of underlay available, from ranges that are compatible with underfloor heating to moisture-resistant underlay that prevents rising damp.

“New underlay is especially recommended for areas of the home with high footfall, as it improves shock absorption and will keep new carpets bouncing back for longer.” 

Worldwide Carpets has been a family run company since 1971 and is of offering 50% off all underlay for the months of September and October to people in the local area to try and help prepare its them for what is lightly to be a rocky road ahead.


Tim says “We have kept our costs at 2020 prices and with this offer on underlay want to try and give a little something back to the local area that has been very loyal to us for over 50 years – we are now a mobile flooring company, and we will bring the showroom to you via one of our mobile vehiclesso even saving you motor fuel “ 

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